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Covid19 Notices from Father Brendan

10th  July



RESTART OF MASSES: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Masses are restarting again across the country.  They are being “rolled out” gradually.  The date on which any particular church opens for Mass depends upon local circumstances such as the layout of the church and its location.  I give our schedule for the next two weeks in the newsletter.
Please read it carefully! This weekend (11
th/12th) our church in Towcester will be open only for private prayer on Saturday from 5pm to 6pm; then on Sunday from 11am to 12 noon. I shall then celebrate any Masses that week privately without a congregation.  From the following weekend (18th/19th) public Masses will resume.  The Saturday evening Masses will be at the regular time of 5.30pm and the Sunday morning Masses at the regular time of 11am.  I shall continue to have weekday Masses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.   However, as a temporary measure, these will be at 7pm to allow people who are working to attend. 
Social distancing in the church remains which means we have very limited seating.  Please may I ask two things.  First, if you are able to come in the week please do - this will free up seats at the weekend.  Second, please can you restrict yourself to one Mass a week - I never thought I would say that!  However, again, this measure will free up seats. 
For all Masses, including weekdays, the present one way system will be in operation.  Thus, you enter through one of the main doors at the back of the church and leave via the Lombard Room and the side door. Please use the hand gel as appropriate. 
From the Church’s point of view facemasks are not compulsory - the decision is yours.  In order not to bombard you with too much information now, I shall explain at the start of each Mass and at the relevant parts what to do.
Please note that all rotas are suspended until further notice (greeters, readers, ministers of Holy Communion, Children’s Liturgy and music). Thanks for your patience - we are getting there slowly but safely!

Fr. Brendan


16th June

From this weekend our church will be open for private prayer. At present, I am planning
for the church to be open on Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm; then Sundays 11am to 12 noon. After this weekend this
may be adjusted. Unfortunately, the restrictions imposed on me mean that there will be no access to the lavatory or
refreshments. At the end of each period of opening the church will be closed and cleaned. This cleaning is not
linked to the present Cleaning Rota which is currently suspended. Thank you for your patience


24th April

ZOOM - I have been using Zoom to engage with parishioners while our church is closed. I am using it for less formal
occasions - both spiritual and social. For Mass the streaming service from our Cathedral is better. If you are
interested in Zoom then just email me to say so. If you don’t have my email address then you can send an email to
the parish webmaster at

2nd April

ZOOM - I have been brought kicking and screaming into this modern age and am considering using Zoom to engage with parishioners while our church is closed. At the moment I am simply ‘testing the waters’ to see if anyone would be interested. If you are interested then just email me to say so. If you don’t have my email address then you can send an email to the parish webmaster at


24th March

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

In order to protect the weaker members of our communities from the present virus, entry into our churches has been suspended.

Mass intentions will still be said but privately without a congregation.

Those who have arranged baptisms, weddings and funerals will be contacted by me directly.

The First Communion & Confirmation programmes are suspended. This applies not only to the classes but to the Masses themselves

The meeting of all parish groups is also suspended.

I am most sorry about this. However, the sooner the virus is isolated and eradicated the sooner we shall return to normal.

Although churches will not be open, we are all encouraged to pray at home. Indeed, we need to pray for those who are infected. We also need to pray for those who are feeling isolated, lonely and worried. Also, please keep in your prayers all the dedicated members of our NHS.

Thank you and God bless.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Brendan

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